45 Years of Princess

Princess Hotel is not only a stopover for travellers, but also a cultural inheritance of hotel operators.

45 years ago, the first hotel in Pontian, the Princess Hotel was born. Standing in the center of the bustling Pontian town, it is the memory of the old generation of Pontian. Travellers come in to get a place to rest but find a home here, travellers walked away and left the story here.

After 45 years, the second generation took over and putting on a new dress and new makeup for the princess, injecting innovative element but the objective and concept of ​​operating hotel will last eternity.

The hotel retains a Nanyang-style spiral staircase that represents the beauty of generation, the steps are stacked up in a spiral arrangement, as if to remind people to keep move on, pursue achievement while not forgetting where you are from.

Pontian, Johor

This is a story about a small fishing town.

It was a berth for businessmen and pirates on the drifting sea. Thus, Pontian is named after the berth in Malay, “Perhentian”.

Pontian is famous because of seafood. Variety of seafood sold at a reasonable price in Pontian fishing market. Kukup, Pontian is also famous due to restaurants which served delicious seafood dishes.

Tanjung Piai is a cape of Pontian. It is the southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia and thus the most southern point of mainland Eurasia.

The majority of land in Pontian is covered by peat soil. Peat soil is suitable for pineapple growth. Pontian is known as biggest area growing pineapple in Malaysia.

Pontian Seaside Public Park

A vibrant day begins in the morning by the sea.

Senior Citizen who play Tai Chi reported here at 6 o'clock every morning. Young housewives are also here to dance Zumba with a strong musical rhythm. Junior families with young kids enjoy the leisurely moment in the empty square. Some are riding bicycles, some are blowing soap bubbles, some are flying kites, some are chasing each other happily.

The first batch of visitor who on the jogging track are people who pursue for body weight decreasing, old folks who take a stroll, young people who training for better body mechanism, children who are forced to get up by their parents, etc. People who sitting around the basketball court are waiting for the team to replace after the end of the game. People who are late may have to wait for a while before their turn to play.

Different ethnic groups come here for different reason and yet they are blending perfectly in harmony.